Salvaged Love in the Desert


This past week, I road tripped to Tucson, Arizona to visit some friends and family...
and ended up falling in love with this charming, bohemian desert wonderland!

This was my first opportunity to spend time in the southwest, and I was completely blown away by everything- the weird cacti, the calming sunsets, and SO MUCH perfectly weathered metal salvage stuff!

Here are some of my favorite places:


Tucson Herb Store, an inspiring and sweet smelling little shop (cool idea --> framed fabric swatches!)


Totally amazing home/workshop/backyard of Tim Hagyard, Salvage & Vintage Decorating Genius

My musician friend Ryen's apartment


San Xavier Mission
, a crazy colorful & offbeat 18th century Spanish Catholic church


Grill, an awesome diner with serious style (love those deco murals!)


Of course my trip wouldn't be complete without some SERIOUS thrifting- I stopped in a bunch of cool towns during the trip, and raided their thrift stores- but those finds shall remain a secret, until my apt decor is unveiled... very soon!!

Stay tuned, fellow vintage lovers...


Rachel Gold(ilocks) said...

Guys, sorry the pics are so darn small! If you click on them, they open up bigger and better in a new window! Try it :)

Mick said...

Wow! I cant wait until the reveal of the apt. You saw so much great stuff : )

Jamila Starwater Tazewell said...

omg!!!!!!!! looks A-MAZING. wow! i cant wait to hear the stories!!!

leah said...

i love all of the photos of Tim Hagyard's digs. and your friends apartment has some lovely colors too.

Nancy said...

Wonderful photos! You must have had such a great time!!

I am a new follower and new to blogging! I love it!

Nancy's Notes

Susan said...

The thrift stores in Tucson rock, don't they? Some are as big as supermarkets! The Saver's were always my faves and Twice as Nice. Hope you get to go again. DeGratzia Studio in the Sun is also an awesome place to visit (artist). Check him out. Susan

Bill said...

These are great posts. love that guy's house. you may want to check out my brand new site. it dabbles in vintage. Small Town Boy.
cheers, Bill.