Progress & Projects

After 3+ years of traveling, subletting, constantly packing, and moving-

I'm finally home.

The new apt looks amazing, but I'm not ready to do the big reveal quite yet. Since I'm decorating the place from scratch, I'm taking my time gathering the perfect vintage furniture. This decorating job will be my pièce de ré·sis·tance.

I've been hitting plenty of massive estate/yard sales, too- there's nothing like going through the contents of someone's entire house- I find it fascinating to see just how much glorious junk people can accumulate in a lifetime.


For now, I will share with you two small home improvement projects. More to follow!

Ugly ass hot pink/teal and chrome pole lamp --> Sexy, industrial antique gold pole lamp

  • Once-cool 70s lamp (painted hot pink, by me- 5 years ago) = $5 @ yard sale
  • Really interesting gold/black textured spray paint from Home Depot = $4-ish

Time: about 20 min!

Stupid ugly white fridge --> Easy & cute faux-wood paneled fridge

  • Magic Cover - vinyl, removable wallpaper type roll - $1.99 at Goodwill
  • Vintage Wallcovering application tool - $1 at a flea market
  • Heavy duty electical tape - $3-ish

Time: about 35 min - the black tape border was a bit tricky


Thanks for reading! Please leave a comment on what you might like to see next from this "little engine that could" blog-- you are my encouragement, dear readers...


softy said...

Fridge is 2die4.

leah said...

love the fridge! it works so well with...well, you!

if you were in nebraska, i'd take you to this today. http://www.kobzaauction.com/beer.htm

looking forward to seeing your done up home.

Linda said...

Great makeovers, can't wait to see more of this fab apt.

Ms. B @ Millie Deel said...

Wow, both projects turned out great and your apartment does look fabulous!!!

hannah said...

ahh so awesome, i love what you did with the fridge! keep bloggin!


Love the fridge!!!

I am intrigued...