The Wallet Fairy

☞ Have you ever found a wallet on the ground? Most people have at one time or another, I think. Well I found a pink one, about 4 weeks ago, on King Street in a trendy little Sydney suburb called Newtown. There was no owner in sight. The items inside were:
-a Sydney University student ID card belonging to a nice looking blond girl
-her birth certificate
-a pawn shop receipt for a blue electric guitar

☞ Very mysterious, right? There was no phone number anywhere, just the girl's address. I could've turned it in to the police. Or a nearby shop. But those options were no fun. No fun at all. Having nothing better to do, I walked the 20 minutes to her house. I decided that this would be my good deed for the day (week? year??) but I wanted to be an anonymous do-gooder. I wanted to be a wallet fairy. So I put said wallet in between the screen and front doors, knocked loudly and quickly walked away.

☞ Cut to: Two weeks later, a friend invited me to a small cocktail/house party being thrown by a random guy she met at a random bar a few nights previous. As we walked up to the house, everything seemed somehow very familiar. Yes, the party was at THE WALLET GIRL'S HOUSE! I know. I KNOW. But in a strange(r) twist of fate, the girl didn't live there anymore. Needless to say, the current residents were shocked that the wallet fairy was now in their house. "Stuff like this always happens to me," I told them. "Really? You should write it all down--in a blog or something," they said.

☞ And VOILA.