Off in Lalaland

It's been 2 weeks since I arrived in LA, and I certainly used that time wisely, to sit in the sun, decompress and catch up with old friends. What an amazing city this is when you have a fresh opportunity to relax and enjoy all of it. But I will wax on about my love for LA in an article that I'll be submitting to LA Weekly (accompanied by this vintage magazine collage I made, above.)

But tomorrow I embark on a new chapter: sorting, photographing and selling all of my traveling treasures both online at my etsy store, and at the coolest and most accessible flea market in Los Angeles: The Melrose Trading Post in West Hollywood. On Sunday Oct. 4th, I will be selling some of my wares - mostly the heavy items that are difficult to ship - and shoes! People love shoes.

If you're in the area and want to stop by, please come visit!
Email me --> hollywoodrachel[at]gmail.com for an exact location :)

But here's the best part and perhaps something that you have been wondering about: where is this girl storing all of that awesome junk? It's all piled in my housemate's 1986 Champion TransVan Motorhome, parked near our apt (more photos to follow!) They are very graciously allowing me to use this family heirloom as my walk-in mobile vintage cache. Maybe I'll even take this baby on the road...

I'll be updating more regularly, now that I've fully recovered from my thrifting expedition, so check back soon!