Welcome Back, me!

First of all... happy 2010, friends!
A landmark year, and one that holds so much potential! Perhaps it was that intense yoga class I just took, but I feel like the planets are aligning. Or sumthin like that.


---> Finally moving into a new apt-- a super cute, "old Hollywood" retro style 2BR, with this awwwesome blogger gal (who I met via the magic of the Craigslist housing wanted ads.)

-----> I am now launching into serious vintage decorating mode! The next 2 weeks will be an intense vintage hunting extravaganza. And I will chronicle it all here, because you are my biggest fans. Well you, and my mom. Hi mom!


I'm still throwing around color schemes & themes for the main living/dining/entertaining room. In my daily obsessive scouring of the interwebs, I stumble upon all kinds of sweet imagery, which gets thrown in the ol' brain cauldron for later use.
Here's a heaping helping of visual inspiration!

#1: Cleopatra

l: http://jurgenfauth.com/2007/05/16/cleopatra-2/ r: http://goble.artpassions.net/

#2: Modern Vargas Pin Up Girl


#3: Dustjackets, 1920s-1940s

#4: Anime meets Victorian Boudoir