Illustration of the Day

Absolutely STUNNING illustration by Swedish artist Linn Olofsdotter.
Here's her website http://www.olofsdotter.com/


Notes on a Random, Productive, Rainy Day

Hello friends.

Have you seen this movie trailer yet? I think I might have wet my pants, it looks so darn good...

Also, look at these fantastic photographers:

CODY CLOUD (look at his Shanghai Zoo pics)

JULIA GALLO (her fashion portfolio is amazing)

Strangely enough, their work looks A LOT like a friend of mine JULIA (coincidence!) HOLTKOTTER http://julophotography.com/fashion (she lives in Germany and NYC.) I did some fashion styling for one of her shoots in Brooklyn ---> check out the photos of our shoot here.

Also, I've been working a lot on my collage art. My material comes from the vintage 1920's-70's magazines that I've been stockpiling for the past few years. Glad they're finally getting some attention! Better late than never :)

As soon as they are 100% finished, I'll be posting them here and in my Etsy store!

Thanks for reading, friend!


I'm a lazy #%*&

Oh, man. So the plan was to blog EVERY DAY for an ENTIRE YEAR. Interesting concept, right? I got 4 days in, and then totally copped out.

I hate to admit this, but I think I thought that my life would be a little more exciting on a daily basis. But alas, these first 10 days of this 27th year of my life have not been quite as mind boggling as anticipated.

And so, dear readers, whoever and wherever you are, I will blog only when the blogging mood strikes :)

Thanks for hanging in there!


27 Years -- 4 Days

Website of the Day: Find your new favorite artist at illustrationmundo.com

"Should've Seen It Coming" of the Day: Blogging every day is actually pretty tough! Not to mention that I'm not positive if anybody will actually be reading this on a daily basis. So I now proclaim, on this day forward, that I will post only once a week, on WEDNESDAYS.

Freaky Photo of the Day:

See ya next week!


27 Years -- 3 Days

Necessary Evil of the Day: Spring Cleaning. They really should invent self-cleaning toilets one of these days.

Thought of the Day: Getting mail (as in the postal service delivered snail mail kind) is so fulfilling. It really makes your day, you know? If one of you readers sends me a piece of mail, I will then send you a piece of mail, and we will both be very happy. My address is: 415 Dickinson St. Philadelphia, PA 18901 USA

Random Fact of the Day: The Bible is both the world's best selling book, and the most shoplifted book.

answer to yesterday's photo quiz: VELCRO! (but I secretly like to pretend it's some kind of alien bug...)

à demain!


27 Years -- 2 Days

Disappointment of the Day: Lost was canceled tonight. I want to start a support group for people who think about Lost every day.

Cool Photo of the Day: Guess the object!

(look for the answer tomorrow!)

Frustration of the Day:
When you see a hot Republican.

¡hasta mañana!


A Year in the Life -- 27 years 1 day

As you can see from my first and only blog post (below,) I am a very infrequent blogger. Yikes--it's been almost 2 years since I wrote that one.

I have thought many times about maintaining a daily blog, since, according to some very good friends, I lead an interesting and eccentric life that is worth writing about.

So I had this great idea that maybe I would blog every day of my 27th year of life, which incidentally starts TODAY. It will be composed of things that a slightly nomadic, Craigslist freelancer and aspiring creative type does in her day-to-day life. And let me just say that I haven't felt such an explosive outpouring of words and thoughts since I stayed up all night on Ritalin writing essays in college.

Every day, I will post new photos and links to some of my favorite things that I find during my daily scouring of the great vastness that is The Internet. On an average day, I probably spend 4-9 uninterrupted hours on this computer (no joke.) And you will not believe the cool, random, crazy freaking stuff I find...

Naked City Photographer > http://www.mirukim.com/nakedcityspleen/richmond.html

"Dove Evolution" Commercial > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYhCn0jf46U

Beautiful Libraries > http://curiousexpeditions.org/2007/09/a_librophiliacs_love_letter_1.html#more

In closing, I had a friend tell me once that this would be “my year.” I guess I really took that to heart. Maybe it’s superstition, maybe just blind faith. But lately, I've been feeling kinda like this:

According to OnlineConversion.com
27 years = 9861.5394 days
Geez, I hope I spent that .5394th of a day well.

See you tomorrow!