27 Years -- 3 Days

Necessary Evil of the Day: Spring Cleaning. They really should invent self-cleaning toilets one of these days.

Thought of the Day: Getting mail (as in the postal service delivered snail mail kind) is so fulfilling. It really makes your day, you know? If one of you readers sends me a piece of mail, I will then send you a piece of mail, and we will both be very happy. My address is: 415 Dickinson St. Philadelphia, PA 18901 USA

Random Fact of the Day: The Bible is both the world's best selling book, and the most shoplifted book.

answer to yesterday's photo quiz: VELCRO! (but I secretly like to pretend it's some kind of alien bug...)

à demain!

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Jewels2730 said...

I think your zipcode is 19148 or 19147... =)