DAY 6..................COLORADO -> WYOMING -> UTAH

Day 6 of 9
Thrift Store # 7
ARC Thirft Store in Denver, Colorado

Thrifty Goodness Rating: 10/10
Remember yesterday when I said I hit the motherload at that auction in Nebraska? I spoke too soon. Today was one of the best thrifting days I've ever had! (And this, coming from someone who has been thrift store shopping every week for the past 12 years, is saying something...)

It all started at this unassuming store in the outskirts of Denver. I've tried to stay away from going to chain stores in large cities, because I prefer the kind of quiet, dirt cheap little shops that no one knows about. But this exception was worth it! I bought so much here (see shopping cart above) I had to re-pack the roof rack on my car.

As I was checking out, I had my very first panic attack when I realized I left my purse somewhere in the store. I was so distracted that I put it down while trying on leather jackets in front of the dressing room mirror. I breathed a ginormous sigh of relief when I found it pushed under a nearby shoe rack, with nothing missing.

Then I had my 2nd panic attack when I saw the bill: $110.91
How does this stuff add up so fast?
If I bought all the cool mugs that I saw in all stores I've been to on this trip, I would have enough to outfit every coffee shop in America. But I couldn't resist this one, because it had rainbow lorikeets on it (again with the Aussie animals!)

Um, I need that sign.

See that little marble cube with the holes in it? Why does it exist? This is the sort of thing that I absolutely love: strange, useless, and cute.

Warning: Don't pick up somthing in a thrift store that looks like a kaleidoscope (above) and put it up to your eye. It turned out to be a cap-less Avon collectible perfume bottle, which spilled all over my pants. People moved away from me in the store as I shopped. It was bad, and a little funny.

Thrift Store # 8
Super Thrift in Cheyenne, Wyoming (which BTW is the cutest town I've been to thus far)
Thrifty Goodness Rating: 10/10
My luck continued at this fantastic hole-in-the-wall, where the people were as nice as the vintage finds! The clothing was so cheap and good, I think I cleaned out a few whole racks. I stocked up on great guys stuff in particular--those Wyoming cowboys sure love their 70s plaid western shirts and jackets. Can't wait to sell them at my favorite flea market in LA, where I'll hopefully have a booth in a few weeks.

Bought the lamp, not the chair

There is now no room in the passenger seat next to me, and Mr. PPP has been shoved into a very bad position amongst the suitcases in the back. Sorry little pal!

Obsessed with these colorful bug needlepoints!

I've always wanted a car bed! Wish I could drive it to LA.


Etsy Vintage Seller #5
Diane from anteakbooteek
Denver, Colorado
---> So jealous. Words cannot express how amazingly decorated every room in her house is. She refers to it as "'camp kitsch,' otherwise known as my version of pee wees playhouse meets 50's funhouse!" and that's exactly what it was. Everything she had was fascinating: the largest donkey figurine collection ever, huge mirrored coffee table, 50s lamps, a clear locker for storage and a giant hot pink birdcage on the front porch! Wow.

And now..... off to Reno, Nevada!
(Sadly, not one single vintage seller in the Salt Lake City area wanted to meet with me, but lookout for another amazing Denver lady in tomorrow's post!)


zach eggleston said...

I should have gone i know that now.

fortheloveofthrift said...

Wow, I'm loving this blog! I'm very envious of all this cross country fun thrifting. And those auctions! Wow, this is how people buy amazing furniture and clothes for $1?? And the kaleidoscope incident? Just brilliant:)

VisionaryBoutique said...

Loving the hilarious commentary that accompanies the photos! You crack me up!

Leilani said...

I'm so glad I found your blog, I'm so jealous of your road trip, it's something I've always wanted to do (thrift across America!). I used to live in LA and shopped frequently at the Melrose Trading Post. :)

helms said...

That marble square with holes in it is a candle holder. Turn it on different sides for differently sized candles.

Ms. B said...

Oh my gosh that ceiling fixture would be SO FREAKING AWESOME spray painted aqua! I'm so jealous right now! I need to go thrifting with you!!!

Kei said...

Yeah I live in Wyoming and I love superthrift! U didnt go to the ones downtown? THere is one called Bart's Flea Market which is pretty great too.