DAY 5.......................NEBRASKA -> COLORADO

Day 5 of 9
AUCTION DAY in Seward, Nebraska

Thirfty Goodness Rating: 11/10!!!
THIS is the motherload, people. Of course I'd heard of these huge estate sale auctions before, but I don't think I've ever actually been to one before today! And what an experience. Tables piled high with the most beautiful, fun, interesting vintage stuff I've ever seen outside a flea market. Anything and everything you can think of was there, from antique handmade quilts to a gigantic teal blue 70s Buick. I did bid on two things, and won them for $1 each--but there was so much more I wanted (see the incredible carnival trunk, above.) The one very, very frustrating thing about this sort of experience is that you are not able to pick up an item and purchase it on the spot-- you are forced to wait for it to be chosen and up for bids. I was told this is an all day event, but I had less than an hour there, and so with a heavy heart, I left. But thank you Leah for opening my eyes to a new world of vintage buying!

The scene, inside a 4-H club warehouse on an old fairgrounds.

I'm a sucker for 40s-60s children's books.

Ah!!! I needed this map/puzzle, but I left before it was up for bids :(

One of my purchases, a 50s bathroom wall decor kit (with a baby mermaid riding a swan?!) along side my bidding number and a slice of homemade apple pie, for sale at the snack stand nearby.

This was the auctioneer lady (above). She was smart as a whip and spoke so fast, I was mesmerized.


I think I need to explore this type of work, maybe I have some auctioneering school in my future...

Etsy Vintage Seller Interview #4
Leah from moxiethrift
Seward, Nebraska
---> I owe it to this gal for showing me the ropes at the auction! She goes to them all the time, and almost everything she showed me in her fantastic house was aquired for $1 (!!) at these weekly events. She loves her mid-century modern (that fantastic boomerang coffee table was inherited from her family--lucky!), but there are quirky little gems of retro fabulousness everywhere.

And now... off to Salt Lake City (via Colorado and Wyoming!)


Anonymous said...

Wow! I came across your blog through Heart City and I am loving your road trip. It's taking me some time to take it all in as there are so many great things!

I live in the UK and the thrift stores are absolutely nothing like this at all! So I'm surprised to see quite a few low scores. Here there's just a lot of sad looking polyester shirts and some reject items from 2003 - nothing exciting.

Looking forward to reading more - so glad I came across your blog!

Polly x

leah said...

ms. rachel! love your post. it was an absolute delight to host you for a wee bit. brazen, you are, and it is super.

i posted about this for tuesday.

and we ended up with a truck load (yes, a truck load, really) of stuff. those buttons in that photo? mine. that wee bakerie? mine. we left before that big trunk and your puzzle map sold. =(

wishing you thrifting happiness all the way to cali.

Jill said...

What a fun trip you're taking! Auctions are indeed the most fun for treasure hunting. Looking forward to seeing more! (I came from Leah's site~fun to tour her home)

Sarah said...

Hi! I came upon your blog through Heart City. It's fantastic! I travel for my job, Moore College of Art & Design Admissions Counselor, and I always go to as many thrift stores as possible on my trips, but nothing quite as comprehensive as this. I will make sure to check out your suggestions before my trip to Ohio! Happy thrifting!!! Oh, and check out my Etsy Vintage Shop when you get a chance, www.mousetrapvintage.etsy.com!

allenaim photography and design said...

love moxie's blog and so excited to find your adventure blog via her!

LOVE the idea and wished I could come along! If you are on your way back through Nebraska - stop in Lincoln! We have some of the best gargae "saleing" and thrifting anywhere!

forrestina vintage said...

Wow! Such a great idea for traveling, and a great series for a blog! Just found your blog from referral via Leah @ moxie thrift, aka your #5 visit in Nebraska. Love her, love you, too!

Come to Portland, OR anytime--would love a visit!