Day 4....................WISCONSIN -> IOWA -> NEBRASKA

Day 4 of 9
Thrift Store #6
Salvation Army in Cedar Rapids, IA

Thirfty Goodness Rating: 2/10
Despite trying to stay away from the "Big 2," Goodwill and Salvo, sometimes it's just the easiest option. This particular S.A. was the worst kind-- half the store was new and/or slightly damaged, old Target merchandise (the stuff that didn't sell.) Get your own store! Don't clutter my discarded vintage wonderland of used crap with your new crap! I still manged to find a GORGEOUS, mint condition Pyrex split casserole dish, tiny embroidered 70s butterfly wall hanging, and a few other goodies.

whole lotta 80s sequins here

Thrift Store #7
Salvation Army in Des Moines, Iowa

Thrifty Goodness Rating: 8/10
Two Sal's in one day! At least this one had really great stuff. And I love it when I'm the only person in the store--it's like my own private shopping experience! Real diamonds in the rough here, and so much PINK (I got the big soup mug below).
hard to believe this florescent orange/pink (color in photo is not even close) floral print couch was once very much in style... i kind of love it

Seriously the finds of the day (above)

Etsy Vintage Seller Interview #3
Cara from MaryMarie
Des Moines, Iowa
----> This gal is one smart cookie, who effortlessly combines her love for handmade crafts (she also makes knits and makes candles in vintage cups/mugs!) with vintage pieces for a relaxed feel in her cozy home. Love the old milk crate as a magazine rack!

And now... off to Denver (via aaaalll of Nebraska!)

(above: super cute vintage billboard/ad in Cedar Rapids, Iowa!)


leah said...

it was completely cool meeting you today. so glad you stopped by!

Pfeiffer Photos said...
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Ms. B said...

Wow you totally scored in Iowa!!!