DAY 3...................OH -> INDIANA -> ILLONOIS -> WISCONSIN

Day 3 of 9
Thirft Store #4
Goodwill in South Bend, Indiana

Thrifty Goodness Rating: 4/10
Sadly below par. Crazy huge shoe selection, though (the rack above was one of 5!!) Did find a few things, and at the register on the way out, the lady ahead of me in line gave me a $5.00 off coupon for my purchase! Nothing like getting a pair of vintage boots, black members only jacket, a cool record (bought for the great illustration on the cover, below) and a few other knick knacks... for just $10.

I used to live in Australia and am totally obsessed with its animals. This koala creeped me out a little too much, though. I can't imagine him watching me while I sleep...

Thirft Store #5
Community Thrift Store in Aurora, Illonois (home of Wayne's World! Yes way!)

Thrifty Goodness Rating: 8/10
Giant warehouse with really interesting stuff... but sadly, this place had a cold, unfriendly vibe. And the employees were rude, which kinda ruins the whole experience. And they wrote all over everything with their HUGE, fairly high prices in crayon (which annoys the crap out of me!) I did get a few great things here though, which I couldn't take pictures of since I dropped my digital camera on the concrete floor of this cursed store, and it broke :( But I found the nearest Target and returned it for a new one. Oh Target, I love you and your very lenient return policy.

And now.... off to Nebraska (via Iowa!)


Blood Milk said...

i love this, so glad you're doing this. can't wait to read more.

gary said...

ahh the old trusty "target switcheroo"...great for broken electronics and used camping equipment.