DAY 2..................PA --->OHIO

Day 2 of 9
Thrift store #2
Hubbard Outreach Thrift Store in Hubbard, OH

Thrifty Goodness Rating: 6/10
An adorable little hole in the wall (when I asked the shop lady what the name of the store was, she had to think for a minute. She always thought it was just "the thrift store"...) with a great untapped clothing selection and some interesting little oddities.

White milk glass, so pretty!

Ahh! Large furniture item! Wish I had a caravan...

Yes, Jimmy Carter paperweight. I WILL buy you, thanks.

Thrift Store #3
Annie Ann's in Akron, OH

Thirfty Goodness Rating: 8/10
Exactly the kind of place I've been hoping to find on this trip. The sort of place that's piled to the ceiling with junk, where you have to sort through piles of old toys and kitchen ware and roller skates. It was a tad expensive, but I bargained (nothing like these small town, privately owned shops...) I only bought 2 things: that great silver ferris wheel looking thingy (which I'm going to use as a necklace/jewelry display!) and an awesome early 60s Pana-vue travel slide projector (above.)

intensely scary.

Etsy Vintage Seller Interview #2
Kitty and Gary (and baby Kohla!) from kittyBcreative
Akron, Ohio
---->These people are just plain AWESOME. Their mid-century modern meets kitchy 70's decor is seriously envy-inducing! Their home was so warm and welcoming, I had to drag myself out of there!

And now.... off to Wisconsin (via Indiana and Illonois! loooong day of driving ahead of me)

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leah said...

this just looks like so much fun. wow. and you're coming to my house! yeah! lovin your photos of the stores...mmmm. yummy.