I'll be selling lots of my vintage treasures at Melrose Trading Post flea market tomorrow!

If you're in Los Angeles, please come visit and say hello!!


rose said...

hi! found your blog. i plan to follow love flea markets, antiques. my blog is http://somewondersoflife.blogspot.com/

hannah said...

ah i'm jealous!! have fun, and good luck!!

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

I just used Google Translate to find out what that comment is. It translated to:
"I love those who make their own virtue as its own goal or destiny of the people"

Good luck with your sale tomorrow!

Gotham said...

i think its really a vintage thing because we dont get these types of things and cratf now - beautiful design and great craftsmanship

The Pink Geranium and Jan's Place said...

I love what I am seeing!!! I am so jealous of anyone who has access to local flea markets.

I'm now following you, and invite you to come check my new blog out, and hopefully follow me as well.

Jan @ The Pink Geranium