Love Hurts. Real Bad.

Well. This was inevitable, wasn't it?
I thought it would be my heart, but the universe was aiming a bit lower.

After one too many drinks at the bar last night, I proceeded to run and leap down the sidewalk like a freaking gazelle- until my ankle twisted underneath me, and I came crashing down. Hard.

The pain was blinding.

Actually, it looked something like this:

*also, watch the trippy video version--->>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyU9kzczrd4

The combination of alcohol and endorphins was pretty incredible, actually.
And so is this great Lichtenstein-inspired illustration.

this may or may not be the same artist... Jason Smith

And now for your viewing pleasure... a photo of my poor damaged (k)ankle.

**warning! graphic (and pretty gross) image below!!**

Sorry guys, I couldn't resist :)


leah said...

eeeek gads! stay horizontal for a stint!

Chrisy said...

oh darling that was too high a price to pay for leaping about! take care of the other leg...drink only when horizontal!

Asia + Kelsey said...

oy! girl tell me you're putting ice on that troll stump!

you poor thing

becky said...

Oh dear, you poor thing! I always have a strange fascination for other peoples injuries though (hehe, probably why I am training to be a nurse!), I hope it's as good as new as soon as possible!

P.S. Found your blog through Etsy comment, it's a lovely read! :)

Sarah said...

ewww, grrl, you nasty.

lyptis said...

Oh God, what a funny post!:)

I cud almost feel the pain(but i had to pass on the trippy video).

I hope u get better really quickly, ur ankle sure looks pretty bad.