Day 9....................Northern California -> Southern California

Sorry for the delayed posting on my last day of the trip. I usually post the next morning, after my full day of adventures, but the exhaustion from this massive solo journey all hit me last night. I got into Hollywood around 11pm, and unpacked my car, and then I slept for about 14-16 hours. Thanks for sticking around! Here goes...9-17-09
Day 9 of 9
Thrift Store # 13
R.A.D. Thrift Store in Bakersfield, CA

I walked into this store with less than 3 mintues to shop before they closed. I immediately got a cart and went to the shoe section, frantically grabbed about 8 pairs of totally amazing boots and shoes, then some purses...and then they turned the lights out on me, and I was forced to check out. Sad! But honestly, at this point I was so close to my final destination that (for once) I wasn't too bummed about it. Well that, and my car was so full of stuff it was bordering on dangerous.

Etsy Vintage Seller Interview #8
Violet from violet64
Sacramento, CA
---> Everthing in Violet's house is vintage. Seriously everything! It was like traveling back in a time machine, with plenty of warped, sweet 50s - 60s decor. Her collections are drool-worthy and awesomely odd: mannequin heads (and hands!), very old little stuffed animals, perfect vintage box suitcases, huge sign letters and other oddities.

Etsy Vintage Seller Interview #9
Karli from KarliHearron
Bakersfield, CA
--->This creative girl has talent, drive, and a knack for refurbishing old wood furniture, and turning it into funky, pretty pieces which would look gorgeous in anyone's space!

And now... what do I do with myself?!

* I'm finally home again in LA, taking a breather.
*This trip was everything I wanted it to be, and more--
I'm so glad you guys are following me!
Seeing how many people viewed this every day made me want to say 'to hell with you, ADD!' and keep blogging.
*Please check back often, as I sort through my bounty and take photos of my traveling treasures.
*I'll also be putting together an article about the vintage collectors whom I interviewed along the way. I have lots of great material! Who knows where it will end up, but I hope to get it published this fall/winter.
*I love your comments, so please let me know if you enjoyed this blog so far, and any suggestions you have for what I should do next!

“I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.”
Maya Angelou


Ms. B said...

Wow that's so awesome! So glad you made it safely! Your car jam packed full is hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed your journey and read it every day. It was so fascinating to see thrift stores across America and what they had to offer because here in the UK they are so lame!

On suggestions for what you can do - I'd love to see more of the individual items you bought, especially what you have kept for yourself, in the way of clothes and accessories - that would be fantastic!

Polly x

Terri Barton said...
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violet said...

Hey Rachel, I had so much fun visiting with you the other night-you're a hoot!
Thanks for letting me be part of your big adventure and if you are ever passing through, give me a call and we'll shop!
I hope that LA is good to you!

Anna G said...

OMG!!! That's an awesome road trip. Your car is so packed. I hear about this type of thing all the time. Now I really want to explore all the thrift and vintage shops in my area.

leah said...

i am so glad i was a part of this glorious event in your life. i love it! i can not wait to see your carload-o-goodies and hear the stories. glad you made it!

Mitzi said...

Hi Rachel, I just came across your blog, and have loved loved loved reading about your trip - talk about every vintage geek's dream trip! I am going to go post about it over on my blog, using the photo of the pink Mitzi purse - since that is my name. :D I added you to my blog roll, looking forward to more posts!!

One thing - did you take any photos in the vintage sellers' houses of their inventory mess? I sell on Etsy and eBay, and my house looks like your thrift store photos, not the the wonderful artfully designed houses of the sellers you interviewed!

Vintage Sue said...

Mitzi turned me on to your adventures and OMG am I insanely jealous! What a fabulous idea, esp. meeting with other etsy sellers along the way.

Although we don't shop for the same kinds of items, it's the HUNT that I'm interested in. I'd love to see more adventure trips (back to Reno?) as you re-establish in a new part of the country.... P.S. Skip Vegas, I just hit some shops there and uh, not so great. Except if you're looking for a lot of tiki!

Sue, Vintage Rescue Squad

Haute Country Vintage Co. said...

SUPERBLY FABULOUS! i just found this from Mitzi's blog. It looks like LOTS of fun :)

Don't feel bad Mitzi, my once halfway wonderful house has turned into a psuedo-thrift overrun with excess vintage too :D

VintageInteriors.Dana said...

I'm so glad you made it safely...I was afraid you wouldn't be able to see out your windshield from all that I pictured piled and stacked mile high on your vehicle!! Thanks for the postcard, I look forward to checking in and checking out your finds via your replenished shop! Best! Dana

Maxine said...

OMG!!! What fun I had reading as you journyed!!! I loved your choices of people, places and things. I am very much looking forward to your next journey... keep writing!!!

Rachel Gold(ilocks) said...

thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone! please stay tuned... more to follow soon! xo! Rachel!

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